Leveraging the Power of Television to Accelerate Growth

Kudize is an smart marketing company that specializes in producing turnkey, educational television shows for attorneys. We help our clients ditch their public legal seminars and become THE expert in their market with their own informative television show that works for them, even when they're off the clock!

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Why Kudize?

Most attorneys are faced with the same challenge: how to increase brand exposure and generate more revenue. At Kudize, we have found the solution.

Our television show, Elder Care Answers ©, is a turnkey show featuring a local attorney who addresses specific estate planning topics their viewers can relate to while showcasing the attorney's insight and expertise. Kudize not only makes it easy for you to create your personal Elder Care Answers episodes, but Kudize also make it easy for you to air your customized version of Elder Care Answers on your local network affiliate.

Although many people are either intimidated by estate planning issues or even skeptical an estate planning attorney has their best interests in mind, Elder Care Answers allows you to create a personable and approachable sensibility for your law firm. The magic of the show, is not just the information provided, but also the opportunity to humanize the attorney's law practice while cultivating the trust factor with their viewers.

Kudize will work with you to customize Elder Care Answers for your practice and market. We provide everything you need to be successful:

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    Professionally produced, turnkey, ready-to-air Elder Care Answers television shows customized for your practice
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    Facilitation of the placement of your show on your local television network affiliate.
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    Optional digital benefits such as audience targeting, online marketing, and YouTube channel development to maximize the visibility of your show

Who is Doreen Seamon?

Doreen is the founder of Kudize, LLC and the owner of Seamon Law Offices PLLC, an estate planning and elder law practice in Morgantown, West Virginia. In her time as a practicing attorney, Doreen has guided hundreds of families through critical estate planning decisions at varying stages of life.

In Doreen’s first few years as an estate planner from 2007 to 2010, she successfully utilized public seminars to engage the local community and grow her practice. While successful, Doreen started to understand the shortcomings of this approach:

  • Legal seminars need to be offered on a regular basis to keep your firm top of mind in the public eye
  • Legal seminars are expensive to market and to execute
  • Legal seminars require significant resources to advertise, set up, and execute
  • Even a well-executed legal seminar is not guaranteed to successfully reach your firm’s target audience
  • The seminar market is often saturated making it difficult to stand out among your peers 

​As a result, Doreen changed her strategy. In June, 2010 she developed Elder Care Answers, a television show that discusses sensitive estate planning issues in a simple, warm, non-confrontational manner. Elder Care Answers aired on WDTV, a local CBS network affiliate.   

Results happened very quickly. Within 6 months of airing Elder Care Answers, Doreen’s practice saw a 65% increase in gross revenue. 5 years later, the total gross revenue increase since switching from seminars to television reached 300%. In addition, the show enabled Seamon Law Offices to grow from a lesser known firm to the most recognizable and trusted estate planning practice in her market. 

Due to her substantial results, Doreen truly believes she has the correct approach to estate planning practice marketing. She founded Kudize because she believes that her success can be transferred to other estate planning attorneys who desire a defined and methodical roadmap for marketing and growing their practice. 

If you would like to see how Kudize could help your practice grow, contact us today so that we can start discussing a personalized strategy for your firm.

See What People Are Saying About Kudize!

Elder Care Answers is probably the most effective infomercial we run on our stations.  The show is well produced, informative and regularly wins its time period when it airs.   And, it lends the expert credibility that television can uniquely provide.  Viewers become clients after they know, like and trust you.  I know that this show has been the vehicle to build strong client relationships for Doreen Seamon, and I’m certain that she has developed a formula for success in generating new Elder Law clients.

PAT SHAFFER  //  Account Executive, WDTV 5 News | WVFX FOX 10

The development of an on-demand, broadcast show by the Seamon Law Offices is a brilliant marketing tactic for several reasons. First and foremost, Doreen Seamon, has an opportunity to connect and form a “relationship” with her audience. Through the show, viewers can start to learn more about Doreen, her knowledge and expertise - helping them feel as if they know her prior to ever meeting her in person. Doreen is also able to delve deeper into the issues and topics that her audience is interested in. Unlike trying to summarize key points in a short commercial, print ad or billboard, she can provide a much deeper explanation and further demonstrate her understanding of these complicated issues. Finally, by airing the show on local media channels and making it available for viewing from her website, Doreen is expanding her audience and providing them with a valuable resource that they can view on their schedule.

ANDREW LOHMAN //  Senior Account Executive, West Virginia Radio Corporation and Pikewood Digital

Elder Care Answers is perfect for people who are hesitant to pick up the phone because they aren’t sure if their situation warrants professional advice.  As a professional who works with directly with persons with disabilities, I see the value in the show because it provides a non-threatening manner to understand how estate planning works and to see Doreen as a friendly, knowledgeable person.The information delivered is relevant, timely, and it helps inspire people to take the next step to form a professional relationship.

BOB PIRNER //  Director of Development, PACE Enterprises

As a physical therapy practice owner, I am always looking for ways to connect with potential patients.  I am independently owned, which means I don’t have hospitals or physicians who get paid to send patients to me.  I am constantly competing for every referral possible.

I employ all the tried and true advertising mediums including newspaper, radio, email, direct mail, and social media but none of them allow me to tell my story as well as the power of the TV.  I believe that the emotional connection I create and the authority established by being seen on local television has allowed me to continue to grow my practice despite shrinking referral sources and the rising cost of healthcare.

LINCOLN KINKADE, PT   //  Owner of Dynamic Physical Therapy

Kudize is excellent in helping you get your message to your clients. The service they provide make it easy and affordable. Would you like to reach more clients, do you have trouble getting your company name out to the public? Call Kudize and you won't have to worry about these things anymore!

BLAKE STEWART  //  Founder/CEO Stewart Design, LLC

Accelerate Growth

Leverage a turnkey approach to increase brand exposure and generate more revenue. Seamon Law Offices saw a 300% increase in gross revenue within 5 years of starting television marketing.

Market Passively

Invest in creating a recurring show that will continually market to potential clients even while you enjoy your weekends, in contrast to the heavy monthly time investment of a seminar based approach.

Be the Expert

Become the recognizable leader in your market by letting your future clients get to know you before they even walk through your doors. TV lets your potential clients meet you from their living room.

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